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Gingerbread & Mindekirken (SALT)

December 02, 2021

Norway House Gingerbread Wonderland & Mindekirken

Thursday, December 2, 8:45 a.m.

Immanuel's SALT (Seniors) invites you to an opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas.  Come join us in this fun adventure. 

Norway House is where the signature holiday traditional Gingerbread Wonderland will return to the gallery for the 7th year.  You will recognize familiar landmarks and buildings of the Twin Cities in this display. Max Stevenson will give our group a history of the project.

Mindekirken, Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church tour. The tour there will be given by Pastor Gunnar Kristiansen.  The church was started in 1922 when Norwegian immigrants, wanting to worship in their own native language, founded the church. 


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