Staff Directory

Called Staff

Paul A. Nelson

Senior Pastor, 952-230-0351 (direct dial)

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Daniel A. Nelson

Associate Pastor, 952-230-0353 (direct dial)

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Savannah Olaphson

Deacon, 952-230-0357 (direct dial)

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FUN FACT:  Pastor Paul Nelson & Pastor Dan Nelson are NOT related.  Deacon Savannah decided not to go through the trouble of changing her last name to Nelson after her recent wedding (one name change was enough)!



Faith Formation

Paul Erdmann

Minister of Youth & Family, 952-230-0355 (direct dial)

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Grace Porter

Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, 952-230-0356 (direct dial)

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Kari Totall

Parish Nurse, 952-836-4484 (Cell)

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Music Ministry

Kyung Ko

Minister of Music, 952-230-0361 (direct dial)

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HyeonJeong Lee


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Christina Brantner

Servant Song Leader


Music & Worship Support Staff

Christina Orton, Epiphany Choir, PreK - 2


Julie Summer, Ascension Choir, Grade 3 - 5 


Barb Savereide, Cornerstone Youth Choir, Grade 6 - 12


Joan Meyer
Evening Organist


Support Staff

Kelly Meyers

Church Administrator, 952-230-0360 (direct dial)

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MaryKay Copp

Administrative Assistant to Pastors, 952-230-0359 (direct dial)

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Terrie Falkenstein

Church Secretary, 952-230-0358 (direct dial)

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John Retterath

Technology Manager, 952-230-0362 (direct dial)

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Belle Greep
Nursery Coordinator


Dave Paul
Worship Media Specialist


Custodial Staff

Darrell Fusaro
Head Custodian
Aaron Gilbert
Sunday Custodian


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