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All-Community Mural

July/August 2021

What is an all-community mural?

The all-community mural is a collaborative experience that will bring all ages and stages together in a profound way - painting (think "paint by numbers") a biblically themed mural that will be featured on portable panels that will be displayed along our sanctuary wall.  

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How is the mural created?



Introducing Paul Oman

Paul Oman, artist and pastor, shares his Drawn to the Word artistic ministry with audiences ecumenically across the country.  He served as a science teacher, then Lutheran pastor when, in 2011, he took up work as an artistic pastor full-time. 

Paul seeks to give new vision to God’s Word by using the process of painting to captivate audiences in our visually oriented culture.  Painting and drawing have been a part of Paul’s life since childhood.  Receiving national & international recognition for his work in watercolor, Paul uses this gift to proclaim the Gospel unique and powerful ways that impact lives and inspire mission. 

Paul works in many settings, including congregations, schools, universities, seminaries, camps, prisons, non-profits, and more.  The larger-than-life sized murals are painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. 

Paul lives near Amery, Wisconsin with his wife, Jana, and their children.

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