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09/20    Lutheran Trump Cards
10/12    Elders Rising
10/28    Trunk or Treat

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Lutheran Trump Cards

Lutheran Trump Cards
6:15 - 7:30 p.m.

We’ll be teaching from and talking about a delightful book called Lutheran Trump Cards: Playing our Best Hand in the 21st Century, by Dave Daubert. You can order Lutheran Trump Cards (A limited number of copies will be available at church).

The author says, “There is great treasure in this Lutheran stuff, and many of us aren’t quite sure what it is!” This easy-to- read little book helps us to name and claim – and talk about – the value that the Lutheran message has in today’s world.

September 20 - Ace: There is no Way to God

September 27 - King: Jesus Reveals God is Love

October 4 - Queen: Grace for us Includes Hope for Others

October 11 - Jack: All the Baptized Have a Vocation

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