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09/22    Tables of Eight
09/29    South African Choir
10/02    Living Well with Diabetes
10/10    Russian Religious Icons
11/09    Habitat Service Day

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South African Choir

We welcome 29:11, a South African choir, to Immanuel’s 9:15 a.m. worship on Sunday, September 29.
In South Africa, the local group of young vocalists and musicians serves the community through their music ministry. They often provide “food for the soul” in the community. They also assist with community feedings, day camps, and other programs for neighborhood children of the Jeremiah Project.

This unique musical group embodies all the aspects of Hope Exchange by exchanging talent, cultural values, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ toward a better future. Young adults from South Africa have the opportunity to travel to the USA to share their musical talents. Musicians and vocalists in the USA are given the opportunity to join with them under the musical direction of NHIE co-founder Brendon Adams.

Please plan to join us for an inspirational morning of worship, and if you can’t attend please watch the live stream.

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