Child-Led Advent Worship

Be Not Afraid: Child-Led Advent Worship

Sunday, December 18, 9 a.m.

The children of Immanuel reminded us of this exclamation from the angels as we go on an Advent journey through the ways that Jesus brings joy, hope, peace, and light to earth. Because of this, we need not be afraid! This service led by the children of Immanuel also feature the children’s choirs and a children's string ensemble.

Video Project

During Sunday School we filmed students responding to a question.

PreK-K: What makes you feel better when you’re afraid?

1st and 2nd Grade: When have you been filled with joy?

3rd and 4th Grade: What does peace look like or feel like to you?

God Squad (5th & 6th Grade): Where do you see the light and hope of Jesus in the world?



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