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Wyoming Family Camp

July 17, 2021

Family Camp (Families of all ages!) 

Families with children/youth and families without children.  This is for anyone who'd rather not hike the backcountry or do long day hikes (But you could do a hike with the day hiking the Day Hike and Family Camp groups will be fluid).

Watch the video (right) about the many options this trip offers.

Immanuel has a supply of tents and general camping equipment that can be borrowed if needed, otherwise, bring out your own camping equipment (there is room available for tents, campers, etc.). All sites are non-electric.   

If you prefrerred you could find your own accommodation in Buffalo and drive up to meet the group in the mountains!  

Please contact and let him know what you may need.

Day hikes and a backcountry backpacking trip are aslo available.

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