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January 18, 2018

You’re Sending me Where?

Eric Dregni
Did you go to summer camp, was it a pleasant experience, were you hauled kicking and screaming onto a bus bound for camp, were you homesick?  Let your mind wander back to those “good ol” days.  Is it important for children today to go off where no devices are allowed for a period of time?

We will come together to hear Eric Dregni, English and Journalism professor at Concordia University, share stories of some of the books he has written.  His latest book is a memoir about summer camp, in particular the Italian language camp in northern Minnesota where he serves as dean.  Early in his career, Eric spent three years in Italy because he wanted to live in the place with the best food in the world.  Part of that time was in Modena which is the birthplace of balsamic vinegar, Ferrari and Pavarotti.  Some of his books are In Cod We Trust, Roadside Attractions in the Land of Lakes, By the Waters of Minnetonka which is a history of the lake, and Vikings in the Attic.  There should be plenty of time for questions and sharing your stories. 

As usual we will gather at 9:30 for coffee.  Eric’s presentation will begin around 10:00 and lunch will be served around 11:30. The charge for the event, whether or not you stay for lunch, is only $8.

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